our histroy

Established in 1945 by Mr. Ibrahim Hammour, Mazen Hammour International Group (MHIG) has evolved into a renowned family business. From its inception, MHIG engaged in various fields, including contracting, tourism, food industry, machinery (acting as an agent for Peugeot cars, bicycles, and motorcycles), spare parts, elevators, insurance, and marine services. Mr. Mazen Ibrahim Hammour, taking the reins in 1990, led the company’s transformation into one of Syria’s leading business groups.
With its headquarters in Damascus, MHIG steadily expanded its operations and solidified its reputation for excellence. In 2020, Mr. Saleh Mazen Hammour assumed the role of CEO, injecting fresh ideas and a new generation’s perspective. Under his leadership, MHIG is poised for further development and expansion into new domains and ventures.
Driven by a commitment to innovation and growth, MHIG continues to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. With a focus on capitalizing on emerging opportunities, the company aims to diversify its portfolio and establish a presence in new markets. As MHIG looks towards the future, it remains dedicated to upholding its legacy of success while embracing new possibilities for advancement and prosperity.