Renewable Energy

Syria is working with the Regional Centre for Renewable Energies and Energy based in Cairo; and is seeking  a “common platform” for energy supply in response to climate change.

According to the Centre, Syria’s new master “renewable” plan will run to 2030. The tentative targets for the end of this period are:

  • 1000–1500 MW of wind power
  • 250 MW of biomass based plant
  • 250 MW of PV plant
  • 1 MTOE per annum of solar heat

Syria has a plan according its National Energy Research Centre NERC associated with the country’s energy ministry, will embark on projects costing $8 million USD. Although this is a small sum, it is nevertheless a start in the renewable energy direction.
Hammour Energy looking forward to be involved in this plan and therefore has established following related sectors:

Wind Power

   Current Potential BOO Projects 2013 – 2014
Pre-Qualification as a bidder for financing, building, owning,and operating of wind farm on BOO-basis at one or all the following sites:

  • Homs-Qatinah /2/with total capacity of /50/ MW.
  • Homs-Al-Sukhnah /2/with total capacity of /100/ MW.
  • Al Qunaitra -Al-Halas with total capacity of /50/ MW.
   Current Potential Turn-Key Project 2013 – 2014

Design, manufacture, supply, transport, insurance, testing, execution of the civil and erection works and putting into operation of the equipments, machineries and appliances to execution a typical wind park with total capacity (50) MW at the northern border of Qatineh lake south-west of Homs in accordance to site conditions on a turn-key basis, including the supply of spare parts, tools and training on site and external training of NERC ‘s (National Energy Research Centre in Syria) personnel, with all needs to guarantee the operation and maintenance.

Solar Power

Energy From The Sun

  • Passive Heat – Heating Of Buildings
  • Solar Thermal – Generation Of Hot Water
  • Photovoltaic – Generation Of Energy With Solar Panels

Solar Advantages

  • No Fuel Needed
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Local Generation
  • Long Lifetime
  • Peak Generation = Peak