Oil & Gaz

Hammour Oil & Gas Services, a subsidiary of our esteemed group, has played a pivotal role in Syria’s oil and gas industry. As one of the pioneering companies in the Middle East, our organization has been at the forefront of the industry’s development, consistently adapting to global changes and advancements.
In response to the significant growth and expansion of oil exploration and production in Syria over the past decade, Hammour Oil & Gas Services was established in 1990. As an experienced and specialized company within our group, we are dedicated to serving the oil and gas sector. With our headquarters based in Damascus, we operate at the heart of the industry.
Hammour Oil & Gas Services takes pride in being the first company in Syria to work with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and offer vehicle conversions to operate on either CNG or petrol, providing customers with flexibility and eco-friendly options.
Our management team and staff, located in both our head office and branches, are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. Their expertise and skill set enable us to undertake projects of varying scales, ensuring that we can successfully execute both large-scale contracts and smaller projects with equal efficiency.
At Hammour Oil & Gas Services, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and delivering exceptional results to our clients. Our resources, capabilities, and dedication allow us to meet the diverse needs of the oil and gas industry in Syria and contribute to its continued growth and success.